2nd Meeting

Today, 7th day of April 2012 a meeting of the General House was held at the Faculty of Education and Humanities, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara in the presence of the members of Global Educational Research Association (GERA). We, the undersigned by way of this resolution allow the following amendments. These amendments were intimated to all the members. More than 30 days have elapsed since its circulation. We now authorize Prof. S. K. Bawa, President Headquarters, Global Educational Research Association (GERA) to submit the amendments before the registrar of societies as per the provisions of Societies Registration Act 1860, and to sign, file an affidavit if required and fulfill all the necessities for the purpose. She will have the authority to sign any document(s) on behalf of Global Educational Research Association (GERA).

These amendments are:

S. No. Category Life Membership Fee
1 Individual (Indian) Rs. 2000/-
2 Individual (Foreigner) USD 100/-
3 Institutional Rs. 10000/-
4 Institutional (Foreigner) USD 200/-

This resolution has been unanimously passed by all the members/office bearers of the Association on the date as mentioned above.

Name Designation Signature